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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What is SFI?

Have you heard of SFI?  Strong Future International, SFI, is an Internet marketing group that has been around for over a decade.  Its beginnings were modest with one product available and limited reach.  Now it has grown to thousands of products and an international reach.  SFI has an affiliate program that people can join for no cost and through this; individuals are given the opportunity to earn money from home.

The business opportunity includes a website plus payment processing and shipping handled through the company, at no cost to the affiliate.  Individuals can make money selling items through a connected site called TripleClicks, and they can make money by spreading the word about the business and bringing in more affiliates.  A point system is used to track progress. Activities performed and sales made generate certain points (VersaPoints) and these points correspond with affiliate levels available.  These levels are sustained by maintaining certain point levels each month.

The items for sale run the gamut from movies to pet care to food items.  Items can either be from SFI, other affiliates, or products generated by the individual (unwanted items or crafts/e-books).  For some this can become a type of virtual garage sale.  The ways for affiliates to generate income through SFI are numerous.

For the new marketer, SFI offers a comprehensive learning platform to help get the new affiliate off to a good start.  There are simple steps given so that they will not become overwhelmed with all the information.  When the affiliate is ready, there is more in-depth learning available.  The affiliate can begin with 30 days of short structured activities to gain a good understanding of the business.  If even this is overwhelming, there is a 4-step process containing the minimum that the affiliate can do to still move ahead with their business.

It is easy to get started with SFI as there are no costs associated with becoming an affiliate.  There is plenty of time given for the new affiliate to look around the business and learn everything that they need to know to make a comprehensive decision regarding continuing with the business.  There is no pressure to move faster within the business than what you are comfortable with, so there really is no reason to let this opportunity pass you by.  There are people available every step of the way to answer questions and let you know what has worked for them and what has not.  So why not join me? Check out my page:


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