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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Choosing the Business That’s Right For You: What Are You Good At?

Now you realize that diversity is the key.  Great!  Okay, how do you decide which direction to go?  There are an endless amount of possibilities out there.  The first thing you need to determine is what you are good at.

When people are asked this question, they tend to look at the big ticket items instead of seeing the strengths in the little things they do.  For example, a person might state that they are a good secretary, but they need to take this statement a step further.  What is it about them that makes them a good secretary?  This is when true revelations begin!  It is not that they are a good secretary, but that they are excellent at multi-tasking, organizing events, and keeping the office running smoothly.  Even that last one can be further broken down.  How do they do this?  They make sure that the office is always stocked with supplies, that correspondence is flawless and goes out in a timely manner, and on and on.  So, take a few minutes to reflect on your strengths.  If you are having difficulty with this, then ask your family, friends, or coworkers.  Sometimes they see you more clearly than you do.

Now you have your list of strengths.  Which businesses cater to these strengths?  Also, consider businesses that interest you and match your personality.  Your strengths can match some businesses, but if a business doesn’t match your personality or interest, then it should not be considered.  No reason to waste your time.  Other considerations to keep in mind are your weaknesses and your personal habits.  For example, are you a morning person or late-night person?  Are weekends off-limits for work?  Do you work better by yourself or with others?  Answering these questions, and others that occur to you, will give you a better picture of the types of businesses that may work for you.

I reviewed my strengths and weaknesses and I decided to become an entrepreneur.  I am currently an affiliate of SFI (Strong Future International), but we will talk of this later.  I like being an entrepreneur because I have the freedom to work when I want.  It is true that I cannot take a month off all the time, but if I have a family event coming up, I only need to schedule it in and adjust the business accordingly.  There are no forms to fill out for time off; I am not using sick days, or anything of the sort.  It comes down to prioritizing my time to ensure that family time is scheduled into my work life.

So, what are you good at?


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