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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hi All, 

I had an interesting question about making VP's 

Here is my reply - 


Your question highlights the needs to have an active team under you as your downline. Each active person who makes 1500VP (who then becomes an EA) makes you 100VP. Therefore, technically, if you had 15 people who made EA each month you would not have to do anything! 

See my ECA page here - 

However, to make better commissions it is all about making as much VP as you can each month so you would also be doing your daily, weekly and monthly tasks as well. 

I would also stress the need for a Standing Order that will automatically make you 1500VP, such as buying TCredits. This is the part that is considered investing into your SFI business. 

See basic TCredits page here - 

Also consider promoting items already sold on TripleClicks. If you promote something on TripleClicks and someone purchases from your referral you will also make a commission. 

See information about SFI's compensation plan here - 

Friday, March 20, 2015

E-card for my new members?


I had the following question -

"I do not have an e-card for my new members, where I can get it"

I replied -

I use the Genealogy.

I filter a search on people, for example -

Sort By: VersaPoints (this month); des (descending)

Filter: VersaPoints (this month); < or > 1499

Generation = 1

This will give you all the people who or either greater than or less than 1499.

The people who need help are < 1499.

Alternatively, you can use the Movers List (for example)


In the Genealogy -

Select a person's name by clicking on the hot link (the name)

That brings up their Affiliate Snapshot.

Under their VP Ledger is a drop down menu [9 menu items] that you can send an E-Card to them!

Also, scroll to the bottom where it says Affiliate Manager.

Go to the Contact tab.

TeamMail: Send Team Message to XXXXX.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Check out my profile and connect with me on Empire Avenue.

Check out my profile and connect with me on Empire Avenue. Grow your Social Audience. Run and complete Missions to grow your audience and discover new content and people. Earn Rewards for being social and redeem for Gift Cards, Music, Movies and more!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Question On Advertising

Hello All,

I had a question on advertising.

This was my reply -


I'm always on the look-out for new ways to promote my SFI signup link(s).  Any sort of advertising that can promote our SFI links should be checked out.  The free ones are the best but I have found that I have had to resort to paid advertising as well.

Since joining SFI I have learnt that we must build an active team to gain better commissions.  It is also a numbers game as to who will be really active movers and shakers or drop out shortly after joining.

I hope your next signup is a real mover and shaker with SFI!

So yes, I have invested a fair amount of resources into internet advertising and marketing in the hope of obtaining new signups.

The returns are in numbers of new signups and the people who go on to build their own active SFI businesses.

I have seen 1 in 100 go active (EA or above), my own average around one in ten active signups here -

All the best!


Please join our facebook group -

Friday, January 9, 2015

Advertise Your SFI Links / Gateways

I can make some suggestions for sites to join to promote and advertise your SFI links / gateways -

See my Appearoo here -

Go to the second tab; Groups

Scroll half way down and look for all the 'invites'

These are a mix of Solo Ad advertising, Banner exchange and or Text exchange type sites.

Join most for free and take up their one time offer (OTO) or not it is up to you.

My own sites are listed below -

Rusty's Free Classifieds -

Get A Tsunami Of Traffic -

Traffic 24/7 -

Unlimited Traffic to your website -

Traffic For Life -

Get Your Business To The Top: Best Value Sign-Ups -

TripleClicks SignUps and Traffic -