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Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

So you have started to lose the weight, your clothes are getting looser, and people are commenting that you look great. Of course, they want to know your secret and you are thrilled to tell them about your Skinny Fiber. Everything seems to be going well, and then it starts. The little things that creep up and sabotage your weight loss efforts. Do you fall into the trap of committing any of these weight loss hindering activities?

1. Too Many Cheat Days

It’s not a problem to have that cake, you’ve eaten well all week. What’s one piece of cake? Not as much of a problem if you hadn’t already eaten the pie, snacked on the caramel corn, and tasted the ice cream drinks that were being made in the days before. While eating a little something extra is not really a problem, continually adding more food to your day will hinder your weight loss efforts. Chips on occasion are fine, but when they are paired with nachos, pretzels, hotdogs, cake, and other such food, your weight loss efforts will slide backwards. It is best, if you plan on having something extra, to have it all on one day, or if that is even too much, then have it during one meal on one day.

2. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Announcing on Friday that you are going to lose 25 lbs by the end of the weekend is an example of an unrealistic goal. Setting goals that are highly unattainable will set you up for a feeling of failure and dread. This isn’t about how you are going to fail. This is about how you are going to succeed. So why not make a more realistic goal of losing 1 to 2 lbs per week? Then there might be a week where you don’t lose a pound—have you failed? No. The next week you could end up losing 3lbs. Sometimes it is just the body catching up to the changes that are taking place within it.
3. Being Too Restrictive

Telling yourself that there will be no sugar, no carbs, and no junk, ever again will set you up for failure. Telling yourself that you will only eat at these times and only this one food, is also going to set you up for failure. Boredom will set in and so will the thought of eating some other food, any other food. Sometimes the restrictions people place on their eating means that they will be missing essential nutrients. Then they become more prone to colds and flu. It is best to follow the rule of changing one eating habit per week. Maybe the first week, have pop three or four days instead of seven. The next week swap out an unhealthy snack for more vegetables (while maintaining the reduced pop intake). 
4. Not Having A Good Weight Loss Buddy

Teaming up with a friend who does not have the same weight loss motivation can hinder your progress. You want to eat right and exercise and s/he wants to drown him-/herself in a super bucket of popcorn swimming in butter. Hey, s/he’ll start his/hers diet tomorrow. What’s the harm in that? Well, his/her diet will not start tomorrow, either, because s/he will have some other excuse to put it off. You, on the other hand, are ready to lose weight; you have the strength and will power, and could use a buddy to keep you going strong. It is smart to think about what is best for you when choosing a buddy. What would your ideal weight loss buddy be like? Do you know anyone who fits that description? A friend, a family member, or someone in one of your social networking circles? Connect with that person and share your weight loss goals.

5.  Not Committing Yourself To Weight Loss

Like your buddy in the above mentioned scenario, you ate well yesterday so today you will reward yourself with a big piece of cake. You have already calculated that you need to walk a for a couple hours to burn that off and you plan on doing that tomorrow anyway so you are going to indulge. Oh, ice cream too? Maybe you could add swimming tomorrow to your walking. Now you are getting tired just thinking of all the exercise you will need to do to work off the cake and ice cream you are eating today so maybe some caffeine will fix that. Not just regular coffee though, you want some tasty flavored number that has 600 calories in it. Now you have decided that you have eaten your calorie allotment for today AND tomorrow already so you might as well give up, and it is so close to the weekend so maybe we will just start on Monday. Yeah, Monday sounds good. Oh, Monday is Tina’s birthday? Maybe Tuesday, yeah Tuesday is better.

Weight loss will occur when you commit yourself to the process. Not dabbling with weight loss, but having clear, manageable goals that you would like to achieve, a realistic time frame, and a nice (non-food) reward when you accomplish your goals. Maybe save the money from all of the flavored coffees you will pass up and use the money to buy a new piece of clothing you can now fit into.

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Friday, March 9, 2012


Who doesn’t have those days when you feel like you are running all day? From the moment you get up until you collapse into bed, you are on the move and going fast. So those days it is okay to let your eating and exercise slide, right? No! These are the type of days where you need to think ahead. You don’t want to spend your day eating whatever is convenient or skipping your exercise because you just can’t seem to fit it in. These are the days that your resolve must be strong and you say to yourself that you can and will fit a walk in today…even if it is a shorter one than normal.

These are the days where you can reach into your healthy stash of quick food that you have on hand, stand at your desk instead of sitting, or practice leg raises or squats while you are talking on the phone. You let stress know that it will not win today, and you will accomplish your goals.

Exercising and eating better need to be a priority, not something that you get to whenever you have time. Exercise should be scheduled like a meeting: When it is this day I will be exercising at this time with no excuses. Ever have those days where it doesn’t matter what you want, you will not be able to make a meeting that you had scheduled? Do you just say, oh well, and let it go? No, you reschedule the meeting for a different time of the day. This is what needs to be done with your exercise schedule as well. Car broke down this morning, so the time for a walk was taken by the mechanic? Make some other time during the day to get the exercise done. If you can’t accomplish it all at once, then break up your exercising into ten-minute segments. Surely, there must be ten minutes where you can get some exercise in. When your ten minutes are up then go back to your day and exercise later for ten minutes. Three ten minute exercise periods mean that you made it thirty minutes for the day. Thirty minutes out of twenty-four hours is doable right?

The same goes for your Skinny Fiber. Are you taking it consistently? Are you out at a restaurant and it is sitting at home? That won’t work, will it? Do you take it only before you might overeat or do you take it as directed twice a day, thirty minutes before a meal? Are you drinking enough? With Skinny Fiber expanding up to fifty times its size in your stomach, you will need to make sure that you are drinking an adequate amount of fluids.

Understanding how you react to stress and planning ahead for the days when plans just fall apart will keep you on track to reach your exercise and weight loss goals. Finally, when life throws you the inevitable curveball, and you know it will, remember this too shall pass so don’t take your focus off your ultimate goal. You will succeed!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

You Are What You Eat?

This is a funny notion. Does this mean that if you eat a burger, then you are a cow? I don’t think so. It does mean, though, that if you fill up on garbage you will feel like garbage. But what is garbage? Is it a serving of chips? Or is it the half bag of chips you ate while watching the game? The small bowl of ice cream or the ice cream you ate straight out of the half gallon container because you didn’t want to dirty a dish?  Hmmm. So it appears that it is not so much what you eat, but more you are how much you eat. Portion control is a hot button in the dieting industry. The difference between a restaurant portion size and a true portion size is amazing. Should you fret? No. Why is that? Because you have your Skinny Fiber to help you.

When eating out it is best to just automatically ask for a to-go box when you receive your food. Then you can put half (or more) of the meal in the box right off the bat. You’ve taken your Skinny Fiber so you aren’t going to eat it all anyway…more for later! There is less to look at on the plate so there won’t be the temptation to overeat. Everyone is getting dessert and you feel left out? Why don’t you have a bite of someone else’s….reasonably sized of course. You don’t have to give up any of the foods you love, but you will have to eat less of them.

Watching what you eat should not be a depressing affair. Now is the time to watch how your body responds to food. How much food does it take for you to feel comfortable (not gut-busting full, but just not hungry). Does anyone even know anymore? It seems that people eat until either (a) the food is gone or (b) not one more bite will fit into their mouths. Then there is the mindless eating that goes on….a bag of chips that lasts as long as the show lasts. How many servings were in the bag?

This is why Skinny Fiber is so wonderful. You notice that you are done eating and there is still food left over. This is food for later or food to give to someone else to finish. After awhile you will put your pants on and wonder if you have the right pants or not, because they will be loose. You will have more energy, be less winded, and find that you actually want to be out and doing more than you were before. No hiding under a towel when bathing suit season approaches. You might actually put on a pair of shorts for a change! 

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