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Friday, March 9, 2012


Who doesn’t have those days when you feel like you are running all day? From the moment you get up until you collapse into bed, you are on the move and going fast. So those days it is okay to let your eating and exercise slide, right? No! These are the type of days where you need to think ahead. You don’t want to spend your day eating whatever is convenient or skipping your exercise because you just can’t seem to fit it in. These are the days that your resolve must be strong and you say to yourself that you can and will fit a walk in today…even if it is a shorter one than normal.

These are the days where you can reach into your healthy stash of quick food that you have on hand, stand at your desk instead of sitting, or practice leg raises or squats while you are talking on the phone. You let stress know that it will not win today, and you will accomplish your goals.

Exercising and eating better need to be a priority, not something that you get to whenever you have time. Exercise should be scheduled like a meeting: When it is this day I will be exercising at this time with no excuses. Ever have those days where it doesn’t matter what you want, you will not be able to make a meeting that you had scheduled? Do you just say, oh well, and let it go? No, you reschedule the meeting for a different time of the day. This is what needs to be done with your exercise schedule as well. Car broke down this morning, so the time for a walk was taken by the mechanic? Make some other time during the day to get the exercise done. If you can’t accomplish it all at once, then break up your exercising into ten-minute segments. Surely, there must be ten minutes where you can get some exercise in. When your ten minutes are up then go back to your day and exercise later for ten minutes. Three ten minute exercise periods mean that you made it thirty minutes for the day. Thirty minutes out of twenty-four hours is doable right?

The same goes for your Skinny Fiber. Are you taking it consistently? Are you out at a restaurant and it is sitting at home? That won’t work, will it? Do you take it only before you might overeat or do you take it as directed twice a day, thirty minutes before a meal? Are you drinking enough? With Skinny Fiber expanding up to fifty times its size in your stomach, you will need to make sure that you are drinking an adequate amount of fluids.

Understanding how you react to stress and planning ahead for the days when plans just fall apart will keep you on track to reach your exercise and weight loss goals. Finally, when life throws you the inevitable curveball, and you know it will, remember this too shall pass so don’t take your focus off your ultimate goal. You will succeed!

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