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Friday, March 2, 2012

You Are What You Eat?

This is a funny notion. Does this mean that if you eat a burger, then you are a cow? I don’t think so. It does mean, though, that if you fill up on garbage you will feel like garbage. But what is garbage? Is it a serving of chips? Or is it the half bag of chips you ate while watching the game? The small bowl of ice cream or the ice cream you ate straight out of the half gallon container because you didn’t want to dirty a dish?  Hmmm. So it appears that it is not so much what you eat, but more you are how much you eat. Portion control is a hot button in the dieting industry. The difference between a restaurant portion size and a true portion size is amazing. Should you fret? No. Why is that? Because you have your Skinny Fiber to help you.

When eating out it is best to just automatically ask for a to-go box when you receive your food. Then you can put half (or more) of the meal in the box right off the bat. You’ve taken your Skinny Fiber so you aren’t going to eat it all anyway…more for later! There is less to look at on the plate so there won’t be the temptation to overeat. Everyone is getting dessert and you feel left out? Why don’t you have a bite of someone else’s….reasonably sized of course. You don’t have to give up any of the foods you love, but you will have to eat less of them.

Watching what you eat should not be a depressing affair. Now is the time to watch how your body responds to food. How much food does it take for you to feel comfortable (not gut-busting full, but just not hungry). Does anyone even know anymore? It seems that people eat until either (a) the food is gone or (b) not one more bite will fit into their mouths. Then there is the mindless eating that goes on….a bag of chips that lasts as long as the show lasts. How many servings were in the bag?

This is why Skinny Fiber is so wonderful. You notice that you are done eating and there is still food left over. This is food for later or food to give to someone else to finish. After awhile you will put your pants on and wonder if you have the right pants or not, because they will be loose. You will have more energy, be less winded, and find that you actually want to be out and doing more than you were before. No hiding under a towel when bathing suit season approaches. You might actually put on a pair of shorts for a change! 

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