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Friday, March 20, 2015

E-card for my new members?


I had the following question -

"I do not have an e-card for my new members, where I can get it"

I replied -

I use the Genealogy.

I filter a search on people, for example -

Sort By: VersaPoints (this month); des (descending)

Filter: VersaPoints (this month); < or > 1499

Generation = 1

This will give you all the people who or either greater than or less than 1499.

The people who need help are < 1499.

Alternatively, you can use the Movers List (for example)


In the Genealogy -

Select a person's name by clicking on the hot link (the name)

That brings up their Affiliate Snapshot.

Under their VP Ledger is a drop down menu [9 menu items] that you can send an E-Card to them!

Also, scroll to the bottom where it says Affiliate Manager.

Go to the Contact tab.

TeamMail: Send Team Message to XXXXX.

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