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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hi All, 

I had an interesting question about making VP's 

Here is my reply - 


Your question highlights the needs to have an active team under you as your downline. Each active person who makes 1500VP (who then becomes an EA) makes you 100VP. Therefore, technically, if you had 15 people who made EA each month you would not have to do anything! 

See my ECA page here - 

However, to make better commissions it is all about making as much VP as you can each month so you would also be doing your daily, weekly and monthly tasks as well. 

I would also stress the need for a Standing Order that will automatically make you 1500VP, such as buying TCredits. This is the part that is considered investing into your SFI business. 

See basic TCredits page here - 

Also consider promoting items already sold on TripleClicks. If you promote something on TripleClicks and someone purchases from your referral you will also make a commission. 

See information about SFI's compensation plan here - 

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