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Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Are Backlinks Important - Here Is The Answer

The various animals unleashed by Google for the past two years have created a wave of panic in the SEO industry. This is understandable as thousands or even millions of websites have lost their rankings and many marketers have lost their income overnight.

When this kind of things happen, there will be all kinds of rumors spreading on the Internet. Some people will say that SEO is dead, which is obviously not true. After all, there are still people making it big with SEO. Well known marketers such as Alex Becker from Source Wave, Mike Long from Bring The Fresh and Greg Morrission from OMG are still making six figures per month by dominating the search engine. At least that is what they claim.

And then, there are people saying that backlinks are dead. Once again, nothing is further from the truth. The truth is, backlinks are still critical for ranking a website and it will probably remain this way for a number of years.

Why Are Backlinks Important

So why are backlinks important? Well, the fact is Google still have to rely on them to find out how popular a site is. The only difference is that Google is now getting better at determining which link is valid and which is not.

A few years ago, there is this saying, "A backlink is a backlink is a backlink!". In other words, any backlinks, regardless of the quality is going to help in the ranking of your website. That is why it is possible to rank for an extremely competitive keyword just by using a tool such as Scrapbox.
Today, the situation is very different. Yes, links are still important but you need to get the right type of backlinks.

Why are backlinks important? Well, they are still necessary to get your site and first tier links indexed. If not, it is almost impossible for Google to find your site. And obviously, if you are building backlinks to your website, you need to get them indexed. So how do you get those links indexed? Well, you need to build second tier backlinks.

Don't Listen To The Rumors

Regardless of what rumors people are spreading in the SEO community, it is important not to listen to them. The fact is this. Backlinks are still critical for the ranking of a website!

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