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Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of Month



Hello All,


It’s been a great month and I wanted to say thanks prior to month’s end.


This is just a quick note and if I can take the opportunity to mention traffic, sign-ups and your url links (that you need to promote.)


Obviously the internet is only one form of lead generation so don’t forget about all the other ways you can bring people in to your business for example; word of mouth, gift cards, car sticker and signs, the telephone, snail mail mail-outs, .local supermarket noticeboard and the list goes on!



As far as the internet is concerned there is lots of variety too, such as solo ad advertising, banner ads, Traffic Exchanges and Social Networks to name a few.


I have been into Traffic Exchanges for a while but have only just realized the potential of solo ad advertising and banner ads.

Please remind me if you think I need to add more to the link and I will pass on your remarks to All.


Okay that’s it for me but please, get your invitations out there, get new people into your business and you will reap the rewards in terms of SFI commissions and Member Rewards Points (MRP’s).


All the best!






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