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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Do You Know How To Market Yourself?

I know that sometimes people will let opportunities slip away because they feel that they do not know enough to begin.  One of the great benefits of being an affiliate for SFI is that there is a wealth of information at your fingertips.  The greatest part about this, is that it is available as soon as you sign up… there is nothing else to do (apart from studying the content)… no fees to pay or training to purchase.  So, you get a great business opportunity and then you receive the training to help you put forth your best effort.  As stated in previous articles, if you have any questions, there are people available who have the answers.

The various training covers a multitude of subjects, from the best ways to begin at SFI (in general) to easy marketing strategies to get your information out to those who desire it.  Topics include blogs, articles, courses, FAQs, and general chat among your fellow affiliates.  Another great way to learn is through the LaunchPad series.  This series includes 30 days of tips and training to get you started in your SFI business.  You get a full month of information delivered to your inbox (or in your affiliate center).  You should definitely take your time and learn as much as you can, so that can be the resource that new affiliates turn to for answers.

Does the idea of marketing overwhelm you?  SFI has training for this as well.  The training discusses the various types of marketing (online, mail, etc.) and easy ways for you to begin.  Short on cash currently?  SFI’s training shows ways for low or no-cost marketing strategies to help you out.  The information you learn will not only help you with your marketing efforts, it will also help you to become an expert and resource on the subject for others.  They will wonder where you are learning all of this great information!

The one thing that you must do to be successful (in any endeavor) is to be serious about this.  Treat your business like a business.  This means that you must schedule time to work on it, schedule time to increase your knowledge regarding best practices for running it, and work on getting to know others already in the business.  There are many who have come before you and have tried various practices in the past.  Learn from them, study what worked and how they made it work.  Everyone is unique and comes into business with different backgrounds and skill sets.  Spend time in the forums getting to know everyone and sharing your unique knowledge.  It is amazing the magic that happens when different people get together to look at the same ideas.  Everyone sees it in their own personal way and the ideas that are shared can take your business to a whole other level.

You will see what I mean by this when you check out SFI: Please join my team here -

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