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Monday, July 1, 2013

Are You In It For The Short Term Or The Long Haul?

Are You In It For The Short Term Or The Long Haul?

Sometimes people start a business (or take on more work) because they are looking for a quick fix to a short-term problem, for example, earning extra money for vacation.  The effort they put into the business is high in the beginning and then when they reach the goal they set, then the business takes a back seat and a potential long-term income source suffers.

It is important when starting a business to have your priorities and goals straightened out.  Guess what happens when you reach the short-term goals you have set for yourself?  You should make new ones….in fact, you should have these goals in place before you obtain your original goals.  Why?  Because this is the motivating factor to remain present in your business.  If you achieved what you set out for yourself…what else are you capable of?  What possibilities do you see for your future?  What other things do you want in life?

It is rare that a person sets out to obtain a goal and then never needs to set another one.  The vacation scenario from above?  Is this the only vacation the person will take?  No, but when there is no new goal to take the place of the old one, then everything stops.  In the future when another need arises, the person will realize how much farther ahead they would be if they would have never stopped working on their business.  Has this happened to you?  Did you have something that you started, a business, or learning that you stopped but now wished you would have maintained?

The great part about life is that there is always the possibility for another chance.  Learn from the past and let go.  Starting a business doesn’t really have an age limit.  You just need the desire to learn and share what you know.  You need to keep your goals current to keep your business within your present.

SFI has been around since 1998, there is definitely long-term potential there.  Do not think about what you could have been, but instead focus on what is possible.  You have dreams and goals that you can look to in the future, what are they?  Solidify these goals and then get started on your future right away.  Check out my page: at SFI.  I am working on my future right now.  I have things I want to accomplish and I will keep my business in the present to achieve all that I have set out for myself.

I hope you will do the same!

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