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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Commission Volume and Direct Commissions

Commission Volume and Direct Commissions

Hello All,

I was just looking at my TC Sales Report when I came across a little gem (which prompted me to share with you).

So you'd like to buy some TCredits and do it through a Standing Order?  Top idea!

If you look at the figures a 100 TCredit pak on a SO is $29.00. But in fact you'll make $14.00 Commission Volume on that purchase (the following month).  So your 100 TCredits only cost you $15.00!

It gets better!

One of your downline does the same and buys the 100 TCredit pak on a SO. (They'll get their $14.00 back the next month too.)  However, for you, you make $14.00 Commission Volume on their purchase plus $6.30 as a Direct Commission as well.

Pretty good hey? You've just made $20.30 on a $29.00 item that your downline bought!

The IAHBE works just the same -

When you purchase:
$29.95; $15.50CV
(Actual cost $14.45)

When your downline purchases:
$29.95; $15.50CV; $6.98DC
(Your total commission $22.48)

In lieu of this new-found knowledge, from now on when I look at items on TripleClicks (from Tripleclicks Direct) I'll just half the list price and that's really what we all end up paying!

[Note:  These figures assume you are using a Standing Order and have made EA status.]

Cheers for now!


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