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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

E365 - keeping your points up

E365 - keeping your points up.

As the month progresses the 'green line' increases (I think it's like the average of the total VP pool). An individual has to keep their VP above the green line. If the VP is above 1500 then that would ensure EA status at least for the month. The E365 will increase over 365 days for your class (those who joined up on the same day you did).
SFI say that it's not necessary to purchase anything but then the VP would have to made up in other ways. For example, if you have a strong downline and they are making VP then you would glean a percentage of that VP made. My personal view is that once a strong downline is established, the downline bouys you along.
Currently, I have a standing order to ensure I make the 1500 points each month. Any other VP made is a bonus.
There are other payment options like Paypal, or you can load your account by either telephoning SFI support or using the online chat (I have done both).
I hope that helps :)

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