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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Commissions Ver2

Hello All,

Commissions are earned from gaining VP, as is the rank structure.
TCredits are your purchasing power at TripleClicks and MRP is a result of purchasing goods at TripleClicks with credit card, paypal etc.
Commissions are also dependent on your downline team and how active they are.
The VP are reset every month and a new month begins. Commissions are worked out on the 10th or the next business day.
Do not expect too much in the first few months however, it is a long term investment and it will pay off. From my own experience the commissions actually compound as your team grows.

Play with the Earning Calculator from 'Income' \ 'Earnings Calculator' to see how the more downline team are EA or better with 1500VP+ the better are your commissions.



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