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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Get Your Year Started Off Right

Mantra for the year: New Year New You!

Let this thought really sink in: This IS the year you will reach your weight loss goals. You will be the vision of what you imagine in your mind….You have one don’t you? A vision in your mind of what you look like when your weight loss goals are reached? You should. If you don’t have a picture or idea of what you would like to accomplish then how will you know that you have reached your goals? You can say you want to be size (X) or weigh (X) lbs but can you imagine what that looks like on you?

Most people start of the year saying that they are finally going to lose the weight, but this is where they stop. Someone will ask them how they are going to do it and they reply, “I don’t know, exercise and stuff.” This is not the way to achieve your weight loss success. Now is the time to plan for your weight loss. Visualize the pounds coming off you and imagine how you will be different once they do. Are you going to be a completely different person? Probably not, but you might have more confidence and try some things you were embarrassed to before…dancing, perhaps?
This sounds hard, and I am not good at planning. This is just an excuse. It is not your truth, but just some way for you to put off what you know you should be doing. Ever start something you thought was going to be hard and once you started you realized it really didn’t take that much effort to accomplish it? Your weight loss can follow the same path. Will you be able to eat as much as you want? Well, no. Eating as much as you want got you to where you are now. Will you instead focus on eating until you are full? Yes, this should be one of your goals, taking the time to realize when you are eating that you are full, but not stuffed.
How can you eat until you are full without overeating? This is where Skinny Fiber comes in. It is a way to tell your body you are full after eating less food. Skinny Fiber has glucomannan as an ingredient. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber, that when ingested thirty minutes before a meal with at least 8 oz of water, will swell to about fifty times its size in your stomach. With the glucomannan taking up room in your stomach, you will have the full feeling before actually eating too much. Now, this is where listening to your body plays a role.
Some people just eat until the food is gone. They are members of the clean plate club. No matter how much food you put in front of them, they will eat until there is no food left. You need to say goodbye to this type of eating. It is not healthy, and will definitely not help you reach your weight loss goals. Instead, you need to pay attention when you are eating. It takes twenty minutes for food to make it from your mouth to your stomach. Twenty minutes. When some people eat, they wolf down so much food that there is already too much in their body, and they still eat. As they sit there, they get an uncomfortably full feeling that just gets worse as the minutes tick away. To pay attention while you are eating, you will need to eat slower, start out with less on your plate, and take a break while eating. Two ways to slow down while eating are to put your fork down between bites and/or talk more.

Since you are eating slower, you will be more aware that your hunger is gone and you feel satisfied. This is when you stop eating. You do not say, just one more bite, maybe a little more to finish it off, or what’s one more bite. Nope, you need to put your fork down and walk away. You are paying attention to your body now, and you will see how little food it actually takes for your hunger to go away. Then you will think about how much longer you normally ate and how much unnecessary food you have been consuming. Your eating habits will change.

This is your year! You will succeed at weight loss!

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